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Amy & Kids Co. Family Child Care Center Information

Site Map - Amy & Kids Co.

  • Appleton Child Care
    Amy & Kids Co. is a state licensed family child care center serving Appleton WI, and the surrounding area. I offer a nurturing educational program for infants to school aged children in a safe, healthy, and loving home learning environment.
    • Location
      Located near the heart of Appleton WI, I'm just a short drive from your home or workplace!

  • About Miss Amy
    I didn't plan to become a family child care provider but now I can't imagine a more fulfilling career! Read my journey from casual babysitter to professional family child care provider.
    • Credentials and References
      I'm proud of my child care credentials! I've worked hard to gain education and experience so I can provide high quality care and education for your child.

  • My "Staff"
    When I say Amy & Kids Co is family child care I'm not kidding; my family members are an important part of the program.

  • Contact
    Please don't hesitate to contact me with any comments or questions; I look forward to hearing from you!

  • Non-Discrimination Statements
    I do not discriminate on the basis of of sex, race, color, creed, disability, sexual orientation, national origin or ancestry. Read more here.

  • Privacy Policy
    Amy & Kids Co. Family Child Care respects your privacy and values your trust; the privacy policy explains how your personal information is handled.

Child Care Program

Site Map - Amy & Kids Co. Program

  • Why Choose Us
    Why choose Amy & Kids Co. Family Child Care? Because it works! Children in my program develop the skills necessary to achieve lifelong independence and success.
    • Testimonials
      The best way to measure a child care program's success is by how well the children succeed in life after they leave the program. I have I have enough experience teaching and caring for children to know that my program works!
    • Why Choose Family Child Care
      Family child care programs naturally provide the individualized attention young children need. Family child care providers choose family child care as a career because they love children and want to provide the good start in life that all children deserve.

  • Enrollment
    Enrollment in licensed family child care centers can be hard to come by - especially if your child is under two years old. Enroll now to secure your child's spot!
    • Openings
      Openings in my program fill quickly; keep an eye on this page to see when the next opening is available.
      • Wait List
        If there are no openings available, please add your name to the waiting list; I will contact you as soon as an opening becomes available.
    • Forms
      Forms are an inevitable part of life; download and print the majority of forms you'll need from this page.
    • Schedules
      Child care schedules maintain licensing ratios while providing the flexible options that your busy family needs.

  • Program Overview
    Studies show that children who attend a high quality child care program are better prepared to enter school, more likely to complete high school, attend college, and become successful adults. My child care program provides the high quality care your child needs to succeed in life!
    • Infant and Toddler Care
      I promise to love and care for your child as if he or she were my own in a warm, nurturing atmosphere where your child will learn, play and grow happy and healthy.
      • Toilet Learning
        Toilet learning is an exciting step in children’s development and is one to be celebrated. When you think your child is ready to start I'll be there to help!
    • Preschool Age Care
      The years before a child enters kindergarten are among the most critical in his life. Amy & Kids Co. helps your child acquire the skills he or she will need later to succeed in school, and in life.
    • School Age Care
      Your school age child will experience a comfortable, safe, nurturing, fun environment where he can relax, play, develop skills, and receive attention from caring adults.
  • Site Map - Amy & Kids Co. Activities
  • Child Care Curriculum
    I follow The Creative Curriculum for Family Child Care, a play-based curriculum which is considered "best practice" and aligns with the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards, the Wisconsin Model Academic Standards, and the Common Core.
    • Why Play-Based Learning
      Studies have shown that child-centered, play-based learning is the most appropriate and effective method of learning for children Play-based programs like mine help prepare children for success in school, and in life.

  • Daily Activities
    Every day your child will grow through play-based learning and learning activities that enhance self-esteem, nurture the whole child, and set the stage for future success in life.
    • Daily Schedule
      The daily schedule is predictable yet flexible, and offers a variety of experiences to enhance your child's self-esteem, enable your child to feel successful, and provide play-based learning opportunities.
    • Menus
      Good nutrition is vital to children's development. Weekly menus fulfill food program requirements, promote good nutrition, and encourage the development of good lifelong eating habits.

  • Green Child Care
    I believe that "green" child care provides the best environment for children and the people who love and care for them. It's only natural to make green child care choices whenever possible.

  • Parent Partnership
    Children do better when parents and teachers form a partnership for the child's well-being. Open communication, mutual respect, parent involvement, and program support all work together to form a strong partnership that will help your child succeed!
    • Arrival and Departure
      As with all transitions, arrival and departure time can sometimes be difficult for children; often the same child who doesn’t want to go to child care in the morning won’t want to go home at night. These tips can help smooth the transition for everyone.
    • Parent Communication
      Positive communication between parents and teacher benefits parents, teacher, and children, and is one of the most important components of quality care and education.
    • Parent Corner
      Check out what's happening in Amy & Kids Co. Family Child Care; the Parent Corner provides current news that you'll want to know!

Policies and Procedures

Site Map - Amy & Kids Co. Policies

  • Policy Overview
    My goal is to provide exceptional care and education for your child in a home learning environment. The child care policies and procedures have been developed over the course of many years based on licensing regulations, professional sources, and personal experience.

  • Child Care Fees
    Child care fees help the program operate smoothly and provide high quality services, materials, supplies, and well-trained, educated teachers and caregivers.
    • Tuition
      I provide a caring home learning environment for your child and build a strong relationship with your family. This quality of child care isn't cheap, but "You get what you pay for."

  • Child Guidance
    My child guidance goals are to help children to grow up happy, healthy, independent, and responsible, with the skills necessary to be successful in life.

  • Health Policies
    How can your child stay healthy? These health policies are designed to provide the healthiest possible environment so your child can grow and learn.

  • Nutrition Policies
    Do you know what your child is eating when she's not with you? The nutrition policies have been designed to encourage the development of good eating habits that will last a lifetime.

  • Safety Policies
    I work hard to keep your child safe! The safety of every child is of primary importance to me; these safety policies have been developed to provide the safest environment possible.

  • Wellness Policies
    Amy & Kids Co. has adopted healthier standards to help prevent childhood obesity, to address nourishment issues, and to promote the development of lifelong healthy habits.

Child Care Resources

Site Map - Amy & Kids Co. Resources

  • Copyright Information
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  • Exchange Links
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  • Child Care Articles & Resources
    These child care articles and resource links provide tips for working with children and families in child care programs, as well as child development, issues affecting early care and education, and anything else you may want to know about child care!

  • Parenting Resources
    These parenting resources include a variety of helpful articles, links, and other resources collected especially for parents! Browse these links for information and products to make parenting easier and more fun.

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