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First Day of Childcare at Amy & Kids Co.

Your child's first day of childcare is on the horizon and you're wondering how to make the transition easier. Here are some ways to prepare ahead of time, and tips so the first day at Amy & Kids Co. can go smoothly for everyone.

Before the First Day of Childcare

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  • Work on Independence. The more your child can do for himself the easier the transition will be. Help your child learn to eat, wash hands, manage clothing, shoes, and play by himself. This may take extra time, but is worth the effort
  • Practice Being Apart. Start with 20-30 minutes and extend the time until you're both more comfortable being apart. Your child may not like saying "goodbye" but will learn to trust that you always come back.
  • Create a Goodbye Routine. This will make the first day of childcare (and other times you need to be apart) easier. How you say “goodbye” doesn’t matter as long as it’s consistent. Never sneak out; always let your child know that you’re leaving and specify when you’ll be back.
  • Adjust Your Schedule Aside from infants, childcare programs can’t cater to individual schedules. Modify your family schedule to match our schedule will help your child adjust. Meal and nap times may be the only things that need tweaking.
  • Create a Morning Routine. Leave enough time so everything can be completed without rushing. Talk through the steps, making sure that “go to Amy's” is at the end so your child gets used to the idea. Knowing what to expect makes morning transitions easier for you and your child.
  • Foster Excitement. Make childcare sound like the most fun place ever! Discuss the new friends, activities, toys and experiences your child can look forward to. Try using “school” instead of “daycare” if your child wants to be like the “big kids.”
  • Use Books and Videos. The books Bye Bye Time, and My First Day at Daycare, or videos like Starting School with Daniel Tiger, or Mr. Rogers episode about the first day of school can help generate excitement too.

The First Day of Childcare

The Big Day has finally arrived – it’s your child’s first day of childcare! Here are some tips to help you and your child have a fantastic first day at Amy & Kids Co.

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  • Breathe. This is a big change for your child, even if she's been in child care before. She may need extra time with you at night as she gets used to the new routine and environment. Her emotions may swing from excitement to anxiety; your calm presence will help her feel safe until the storms pass.
  • Pack the Essentials. You should have received a list of supplies your child needs: extra clothes, diapers, wipes, bottles, breastmilk or formula, burp clothes, bibs and pacifiers, etc.
  • Remember the Lovey!. Comfort items provide extra support on the first day of childcare and at nap time on the other days. Sometimes a special napping buddy that sleeps over at Amy’s works better than bringing a lovey back and forth.
  • Don’t Linger During Drop-Off. You’ve practiced being apart and your goodbye routine routine runs like clockwork; now it's time for that work to pay off. Don't draw out the goodbyes or linger because your child will sense your reluctance to leave and wonder if this is really a safe place to be. Keep drop-off short and sweet so we can start having fun more quickly.
  • Take Another Breath. Your child may cry; this is normal and means your child loves you and is going to miss you. Reassure him that you always come back, blow a kiss, then leave. Your child will calm down and start to play happily shortly after you’re out of sight. If you go back it will only make the next goodbye harder.
  • Feel Free to Check In. Don't be afraid to contact me updates on your child's first day in childcare! I may not be able to reply right away, but will as soon as possible. Better yet - keep an eye on Daily Connect. It's updated throughout the day for all children, but I make a special effort to post extra updates on a child's first day.
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A Blessing to our Family

"Having melody in Ms Amy's school has truly been a blessing. I am comfortable leaving my daughter each morning confident that she will receive one on one attention from Amy..." ~Megan

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