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Preschool Child Care Program

Your child will spend seventeen years in a classroom from Kindergarten through college; why put him in an institutional setting sooner than you have to? Amy & Kids Co. preschool child care program provides a great start on learning in a safe, home-like environment where your child will thrive!

The Best Preschool Learning is Play-Based

Preschoolers are curious, with a natural desire to learn new things and become more independent. Studies have shown that play-based child care programs like Amy & Kids Co. help preschool children and acquire the skills they need to succeed in kindergarten and beyond.

Preschool Child Care Program Highlights

Preschool Child Care - Boy at Light Table
  • Positive relationships with a loving, well-educated caregiver.
  • A stimulating environment set up for imaginative and creative exploration.
  • Materials that encourage investigation, exploration, and discovery.
  • Play-based curriculum that supports school readiness and individual growth.
  • Learning activities that incorporate children's strengths and interests.
  • Individual learning goals for each developmental domain.
  • A flexible daily routine based on the children's needs.
  • Family-style meals that promote self-help skills and good table manners.
  • Opportunities to build confidence by solving problems and making decisions.
  • Clear, consistent child guidance techniques.
  • Support and encouragement for parents and families.

Preschool Development is Dramatic

Children change dramatically from three to five years old, leaving toddlerhood behind as they grow into kindergartners. These preschool years are an exciting time for young children and their parents.

During infancy children learned to trust their caregivers, and as toddlers they struggled for independence. Preschoolers build on the foundation of trust and independence to actively explore and learn about the world around them, and the people in that world.

Younger Preschool Children

Younger preschool children are just beginning to learn about themselves and others. They are working on positive social interactions, understanding their own emotions, developing friendships, and getting along with other children. Play invitations for younger preschool children support these important social & emotional skills, help develop decision-making and self-help skills, and promote development across all the domains. This is also the time that many children show interest in using the toilet; I am happy to help with this important milestone when we decide together that the time is right!

Older Preschool Children

Older preschoolers continue to strengthen their social, emotional and self-help skills, and begin to develop increasing self-control. Planned play opportunities continue to follow chidren's interests, while intentionally focusing on early math, science, literacy, and other academic skills they need to be successful in Kindergarten. Waiting patiently, taking turns, listening and following directions, managing outerwear and footgear independently, and resolving conflicts are other skills that older preschool children practice to be ready for Kindergarten.

Developmental Milestones for Preschoolers

Stay Connected

The Daily Connect mobile app keeps you connected to your preschooler all day. Receive real-time photos and videos, plus updates on meals, naps, and activities. In addition, the app helps you stay up to date on important notifications and emails you a summary at the end of each day.

Preschool Child Care - Girl and Boy doing Art

Prepared for First Grade

"With the knowledge Amy passed on to my children my youngest was able to skip Kindergarten because he was already prepared for First Grade!" ~ Lainie

Learningful Play

Play is an important part of children's learning and development and play-based learning can be more effective for early learners than direct instruction.

School-Age Care

It's bittersweet when a child leaves for full-time school I'm proud of how much they've grown, excited for their new experiences, and sad because I'll miss them.

Learning Activities

Amy & Kids Co. play-based learning activities follow the children's interests, enhance self-esteem, nurture the whole child, and set the stage for lifelong success.