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Child Guidance

My goal is for children to grow up happy, healthy, independent, and responsible, with the skills necessary to be successful in life.

The "Golden Rule"

I have just one "golden rule" for child guidance in my program: Be Kind to Everyone and Everything.

Some early childhood programs have too many rules for the teachers to remember, much less the children. I've found that "Be Kind" applies to any kind of situation. The rule is often phrased as a question, "Is that a kind thing to do?" which encourages the children to pause and think about their actions and possible consequences of those actions.

Child Guidance - Amy with Girl

Love and Logic

I follow the Love and Logic philosophy of child guidance, which provides loving support for children while helping them prepare for life in the real world.

Love and Logic strategies help children grow through their mistakes and learn from the logical consequences of their actions in a safe and supportive, loving environment. Through Love and Logic, children learn to own and solve their own problems.

Guidance Techniques

No single stratgy will work with every child every time, so it's important to have a variety of techniques from which to choose. We focus on strategies that are preventative, not punitive and help children develop respect for themselves, others, and property. Through gentle reminders and redirection children are encouraged to accept responsibility for their actions, exercise self-control, develop social consciousness, and eventually acquire the skills necessary for lifelong success in the real world.

Licensing Regulations

According to licensing regulations, the child guidance procedure will never include punishment that is humiliating or frightening to a child such as hitting, spanking, shaking, verbal or sexual abuse, withholding or forcing food, or punishment for lapses in toilet training. These and other forms of physical punishment are prohibited and will never be used, even at the request of a parent.

Partners in Guidance

I believe the primary responsibility for raising young children rests with their parents and my role is to support and partner with you for your child's well-being.

If a child consistently is unable to correct mistaken behavior at child care, or if you would like help with a behavior that occurs at home, we can schedule a conference to discuss how best to help the child. There are many local resources available to assist us.

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Open Communication

"Amy is conscious to provide open and constant communication with parents as she notices developmental milestones, behavioral concerns, funny stories of the day's events..." ~ Sam & Sara

Parent Partnership

Open communication, mutual respect, parent involvement, and program support all work together to form a strong partnership between us. Together, we'll help your child succeed!

Quality Child Care

Positive child guidance techniques are just one aspect of quality care. Take a moment to discover all the other ways Am & Kids Co. helps children to learn, and grow healthy, happy, and strong.


Our play-based curriculum helps prevent misbehavior with an engaging environment and learning activities that provide opportunities to develop social skills and self-regulation.