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I've worked with numerous families and cared for countless children over the years. Many parents share their appreciation in cards, notes, and letters. Here are some heartfelt remarks from happy Amy & Kids Co. parents:

"We are so incredibly satisfied with the outstanding care provided to our daughter... We would refer anyone looking for a loving place to send their child to Amy in a heartbeat! Thank you so much for your exceptional care!" ~Sarah
"Thanks so much for everything, you taught our children a lot!" ~Kelly
"I want you to know how much I appreciate your care and patience... It was wonderful knowing I could always count on you." ~Lindsay
"My husband and I feel blessed that not only are our children taken care of splendidly at Amy's daycare, but that they are thoroughly encouraged to learn and explore the world around them through play, crafts, and books." ~Erin
"We sincerely thank you for your special way of teaching and caring for our dear children. It has made it easier for me to go to work knowing they were well cared for. You have left your mark! Thank you so much Amy!" ~Tammy
"Thanks so much for everything you've done for my daughter!" ~Cassie
"Thank you to you and your family for being an inspiration to ours. We are incredibly grateful to have such a wonderful partner in raising our son." ~Kristi & Jeff
"He has been a happy and healthy little boy with you and as a result I think he is ready to try school again. Thank you for everything you have done." ~Suzanne
"I also want to thank you again for all of the loving care you provided to my kids!!!! AND thank you for taking the time to put together each of their binders filled with memories and their "first words!!!" Both kids like to look at them!" ~Karen
"Thank you for taking such great care of our son! You are a big part of his life and a great influence on him. He enjoys his daycare friends and talks about them all the time. We are so fortunate to have a wonderful place for him to go during the day." ~Kristi & Jeff
"Thank you again for providing the best care for my kiddos. People as dedicated as you are not easy to come by." ~Sam
"I was lucky to have the opportunity to enroll her... I would personally like to thank you for your care and learning atmosphere that you have provided my daughter." ~Kari
"The ability to drop our children off in the morning prior to work and know that they were going to be loved, cared for, and educated, made our decision to keep our children with Amy as long as we did an easy one. The happiness of the other children that were and are in her care only solidified that decision. Given our personal experience with Amy as a caretaker, it is without hesitation that we recommend her childcare services to anyone in need of such a provider. Any child that is part of the Amy & Kids Co. family, under the care of Amy Nogar, is a lucky one!" ~Sam & Sara
"Choosing Amy and Kids Co. as our daycare was an easy choice. We found it offers quite a lot as compared to other childcare providers: healthy organic family style meals, a curriculum designed for all age levels, safe environmental practices, resources to support parent education, a portfolio documenting each step of our child's development and most importantly a childcare provider with a strong history of raising her own amazing 6 children and partnering with parents to raise years of daycare kids. She is easy to talk to and consistently makes herself available at drop off/pick up so we can discuss together how we will best help our son develop." ~Kristi
"When our daughter was born we wanted to ensure that she was in the best care possible. As an infant, we trusted our daughter's care with Amy & Kids Co. because of the caring, loving and educational environment. Not only was our daughter surrounded by other children her age, she was able to socially interact with children older than her which was a huge positive for her development skills - she even learned to recognize sign language! We highly recommend Amy & Kids Co. to parents who are looking for a safe environment where their child can excel and learn new skills." ~ Melissa
"As always Amy - YOU ARE AMAZING!! I'm just sad that not everyone can have the same childcare experience we are having. Thanks for doing what you can to help others to provide great childcare." ~Kristi
"As the Vice-President of the Valley Association for the Education of Young Children, I want to share with you Amy's professionalism and dedication toward her career. I have known Amy for many years, and we have served together on the Valley AEYC Board a number of times. Amy has presented numerous workshops for her fellow family child care providers as well as group center teachers. She has been dedicated to her work with Valley AEYC and continues to strive for new ideas; sharing her knowledge and experience with others. I would recommend Amy as a high quality early childhood provider in the Valley." ~ Robin
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