Child Care Nutrition - Boy Serving Himself Cheesy Crackers

Child Care Nutrition

Good nutrition is vital to children's learning and physical development. Our child care nutrition policies support the development of good eating habits that will last a lifetime.

Higher Nutrition Standards

Many children eat more meals at child care than at home, so high nutrition standards have never been more important. Amy & Kids Co. goes above and beyond average child care nutrition guidelines.

Child Care Nutrition - Girl Eating Lunch

Nutritious Meals and Snacks

A wide variety of nutritionally balanced, high quality foods are freshly prepared and served each day.

  • Meals feature plenty of fresh, in-season produce and whole grains
  • Organic and "natural" foods are served whenever possible
  • Processed food, high fructose corn syrup, and trans-fats and processed foods are avoided
  • Meals are served family style; children serve themselves a little of each food offere
  • Weekly menus have been reviewed by a dietician and are carefully planned to support children's nutrition
  • A four-week rotation of menus changes seasonally to provide the children with a balance of variety and familiarity

Nutrition Supported by the Food Program

The CACFP plays a vital role in supporting quality child care and helping children get a healthy start in life by making sure nutritous meals are served to children in child care programs.

I have been a member of the Federal Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) since 1996, and follow CACFP requirements as minimal guidelines for the meals I serve children.

CACFP Nutrition Requirements

Children two and older are served meals and snacks consisting of the following components. Infants have separate requirements based on age and development.

Cereal Bowl Clipart - Child Care Nutrition

Whole or 1% Milk
Grain or Protein
Fruit or Vegetable

Plate Clipart - Child Care Nutrition

Whole or 1% Milk
Meat or Protein
Bread or Grains
Fruit & Vegetable

Apple Clipart - Child Care Nutrition

Snack (any 2)
Whole or 1% Milk
Meat or Protein
Bread or Grains
Fruit or Vegetable

Food Allergies and Special Diets

Food allergies are becoming more common among infants and young children. I am experienced in reading ingredient lists to identify allergens. If your child has non-allergy dietary restrictions I can make reasonable accommodations to meet his/her needs.

Child Care Nutrition - Girl Eating a Sandwich

They Ate It for Amy

"My children were exposed to many foods that we did not normally offer at home. And of course they ate it for Amy where they never would for me." ~ Lainie

Weekly Menus

Our menus provide optional nutrition with a wide variety of foods, and are planned with each child's preferences, age, and developmental stage in mind.

CACFP Statements

The CACFP requires child nutrition programs to be inclusive of all participants in any child nutrition program. This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

Higher Standards

Nutrition in child care programs has never been more important. Our wellness policy goes above and beyond CACFP minimum child care nutrition standards.