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Child Care Openings

If you're looking for in-home child care you may have discovered that openings in licensed family child care centers are hard to come by - especially if your child is under two years old. This is due to the popularity of home learning environments and licensing ratios. I do my best to keep this page current; keep reading to see what openings may be coming up!

Anticipated Child Care Openings

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I'm often asked when I think there will be an opening, and although I can make a guess based on current children's birthdays, I never know for sure. Sometimes a family's child care needs change unexpectedly due to a job change or upcoming bundle of joy who will need an anticipated opening.

Parents with children under two may have a longer wait than parents with children over two. Believe it or not, the best time to look for child care is before your baby is born!

Parents who are looking for more than one opening may also have a longer wait. Most openings in our center occur one at a time so if you have twins or siblings you may want to consider enrolling one child at a time with the understanding that you will get the next available opening for your other child.

If there are no openings in your child's age range, place your family on the waiting list; I will contact you when a child care opening becomes available.

Age Schedule Currently Anticipated
0-1 Year Full Time No Openings No Openings
1-2 Years Full Time No Openings No Openings
2-5 Years Full/Part Time No Openings Sept 2024
6+ Years Full/Part Time No Openings No Openings

Child Care Openings are Based on Ratios

In Wisconsin licensed family child care centers are allowed to care for a maximum of eight children under most circumstances. Children's ages dictate how many children in each age group a center is allowed to care for. The following table illustrates Wisconsin's caregiver/child ratios.

Under Two 0 1 2 3 4
Two and Up 8 7 5 2 0
School Age* 0 0 1 3 2
Maximum 8 8 8 8 6
* 5+ years old, enrolled in school, and in care less than 3 hours per day.
Child Care Openings

Extremely Pleased

"Our children spent over 2 1/2 years with Amy and we were extremely pleased with the entire experience. We would definitely recommend Amy & Kids Co.!" ~Mark & Taya

Reserve an Opening

See an upcoming opening that meets your child care needs? Schedule an interview and tour to start the enrollment process. No fees are due until the opening is available.

Waiting List

If there are no child care openings available currently, you can join our waiting list. I'll contact you as soon as an appropriate opening becomes available!

Parent Corner

While waiting for an opening, visit the Parent Corner to see what's new at Amy & Kids Co. When it's time to enroll you'll feel like you've been part of our family all along!