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Family Child Care Forms

"Nothing is certain in life except death and taxes..." I disagree; in this lifetime forms are inevitable too, and family child care is no exception. These are some of the forms necessary to enroll your child at Amy & Kids Co.

Enrollment Form Checklist

Families will receive an Enrollment Packet containing all required forms. Use this free printable Enrollment Form Checklist to help make sure you have all the necessary forms completed on time.

Forms Required by Licensing

Family Child Care Forms - Girl Drawing

The information on these forms is required by Wisconsin's Department of Children and Families for all licensed family child care programs. Please make sure your child's forms are complete, current, signed and submitted on time!

Amy & Kids Co. Forms

Amy & Kids Co. collects additional information on program-specific forms. Some of the information is required by the State of Wisconsin while other information helps provide the best care for your child. These forms will be included in your Enrollment packet, along with "Your Guide to Regulated Child Care" and Food Program information.

Family Child Care Form Confidentiality

I value your privacy and am committed to keeping information about your child and your family confidential. You can submit your family child care forms with confidence that I will do my best to safeguard your privacy!

Family Child Care Forms - Toddler Coloring

Special Way

"We sincerely thank you for your special way of teaching and caring for our dear children. It's a lot easier to go to work knowing our girls are well cared for." ~ Tammy

Stay Connected

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Confidentiality is important, and just one facet of our comprehensive Parent Communication strategies.

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