School Age Program - Girl and Boy at Table

School Age Program

After a long day in school your child wants to relax in a comfortable, home-like environment instead of a place that feels like another school. Amy & Kids Co. school age program provides a comfortable, safe, fun place for your child to unwind, play, practice skills, and interact with other children and caring adults.

School Age Program Enrollment

The school age program is available for for children who are 5-12 years old and enrolled in school. Children can attend before and after school, over school breaks, and during the summer. If your child is currently enrolled at Amy & Kids Co. no additional steps are necessary; children naturally progress from preschool to school age activities as they grow and develop.

School Age Program Highlights

School Age Program - Girl Sitting on Top of Climber and Smiling

The school age program at Amy & Kids Co. is designed to meet the unique needs of older children. Your child can choose to participate in any planned activities with the rest of the group, or just chill out and spent some quiet time alone.

According the National Childcare Accreditation Council, characteristics of quality school age care include relationships, experiences, health, safety, and the environment. My school age program provides:

  • A safe learning environment that promotes creativity, independence and cooperation.
  • A caring, educated teacher who has vast experience working with school-age children.
  • A wide range of age-appropriate materials and activities.
  • A balance of structured, teacher-directed activities and unstructured, child-initiated experiences.
  • Plenty of time for active play and socialization.
  • Opportunities to participate in meal and snack preparation.
  • Time for relaxation and "chilling out".
  • A quiet place to study, with homework assistance available.
  • The opportunity to interact with children of various ages.
  • A chance to play the role of big sister or brother and be part of a large family.
  • Clear, consistent limits and expectations, as outlined in the child guidance policies.
  • Support and encouragement for parents and families.

School Age Program Forms

Most enrollment forms are the same for school age children as younger ones, however, if your school age child will travel to or from the center unescorted, an Alternate Arrival/Release Agreement must be completed and on file beforehand.

Stay Connected

Parents of school age children love to see photos of their kids and know that they're having a great time. The Daily Connect app isn't just for babies - it helps parents stay connected with their big kids too!

School Age Program - Girl and Boy playing Rock Paper Scissors on Couch

Loving Care

"Thank you again for all of the loving care you provided to my kids and for taking the time to put together their binders filled with memories... Both kids like to look at them!" ~Karen

Daily Activities

School-age children are welcome to participate in our daily activities as much or as little as they wish - usually they can't resist and jump right in!

School Age Alumni

I've had the privilege of caring for many school age children. I miss them all but am proud of the people they've grown up to be, and thankful to have been part of their lives.

Weekly Menus

As the mother of 6 children I know that big kids are always hungry, and always want to know what's to eat! Our weekly menus are guaranteed to satisfy children of all ages.