"Thank you to you and your family for being an inspiration to ours. We are incredibly grateful to have such a wonderful partner in raising our son." ~Kristi & Jeff

Family Child Care Center Staff

Child Care Center Staff - AmyHi, I'm Amy - owner and operator of Amy & Kids Co. Family Child Care.

Amy & Kids Co. is not just another child care center - we're a family. In this modern age where many children live far away from grandparents, aunt and uncles, cousins, and other family members, Amy & Kids Co. Family Child Care provides the opportunity for your child to experience the joys of being part of a large extended family. Although my family members aren't official "child care staff" they are an integral part of my child care program, helping out in various ways and becoming familiar to the children.

Child Care Center Staff - Support

Child Care Center Support "Staff"

My husband has always been a huge source of support for me, and for the child care program.

You'll most likely see him around at some point of the day. Outside you may bump into him doing yardwork, lighting up the grill, or trying to bring another of my crazy ideas to life. Indoors you'll most likely find him working on dinner in the kitchen. I apologize in advance if the delicious aromas make you hungry.

Child Care Staff - Grandpa

Honorary Child Care Center "Staff"

"Grandpa" is a regular visitor to our house. During the school year he's a regular means of transportation for school and after-school activities, and he often prefers to stop by to talk to us rather than pick up the phone.

"Grandpa" loves children and always makes sure to greet each them, lifting them up for a quick hug if they ask. "Grandpa" and "Grandma" live nearby so it's unusual for a week to go by without seeing one of them.

Assistant Child Care Center "Staff"

Our six children have grown up with family child care as a part of their everyday lives. When they were young they played with their child care friends daily, and as they grew up they took on the role of older sibling. The oldest four have "left the nest" but haven't moved too far away to return home regularly.

Child Care Center Staff - Eldest Son and Family
Our eldest son and his wife live in the area and regularly join us for "Family Dinner" on Friday nights. Their children attended Amy & Kids Co. when they were young, and enjoy talking and playing with the children when they visit during care hours.
Child Care Center Staff - Older Daughter and Family
Our older daughter and her daughters live within walking distance. Both girls have been in the program since birth, and are still excited to spend "no school" and summer days with us. Outside they love to invent elaborate games to play with the children, and inside they often read a whole stack of books without stopping.
Child Care Center Staff - Younger Daughter
Our younger daughter and husband live in Neenah but also join us on Fridays for Family Dinner. She graduated from UW-Oshkosh with degrees in Early Childhood & Special Education and is currently teaching in the Appleton Area School District. I like to think that growing up in a family child care program influenced her choice of career.
Child Care Center Staff - Second Son
Our second son graduated from FVTC and joined the workforce. Although he no longer lives at home he rarely misses a Friday night dinner. He's loves being an uncle and enjoys playful interactions with the children if he stops by during care hours.
Child Care Center Staff - College Age Son
Our third son is in his first year at college. When he's home he often lends a hand with meals, activities, getting ready to go outside, etc. He especially loves reading to the children, and helping the littlest ones.
Child Care Center Staff - Youngest Son
Our youngest son is busy with high school and teenage activities. When home he prefers his quiet room to the craziness downstairs, but is a whiz at assembling toys and equipment, and figuring out how to fix broken items.

We feel very blessed to have been raised in a family that loves and values children, and are glad we can share a large family experience with your child.

Child Care Center Staff - Family

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