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Family Child Care Forms

"Nothing is certain in life except death and taxes..." I disagree; in this lifetime forms are inevitable too, and family child care is no exception. Numerous forms are necessary for licensed family child care programs to run smoothly.

Family Child Care Forms - ColoringYou will need Acrobat Reader software to view and print these PDF (portable document format) files. Acrobat Reader can be downloaded for free.

Family Child Care Forms for Enrollment

All Enrollment forms forms must be completed, signed and submitted by the date listed on the form. Use this Enrollment Form Checklist as a quick reference to help you make sure you have all the necessary forms completed on time.

If you are a family child care provider looking for sample family child care forms, please see the special message just for you at the bottom of this page.

Amy & Kids Co. Family Child Care Forms

The following forms have been created by Amy & Kids Co. to collect additional information about your child and family. Some of the information is required by the State of Wisconsin while other information helps provide the best care for your child.

Original forms Copyright © Amy & Kids Co. Family Child Care, All Rights Reserved. Please contact me if you wish to use any of my forms in your program. Thank you.

Family Child Care Forms - Wisconsin FormsWisconsin Family Child Care Forms

The following family child care forms are provided by the State of Wisconsin and must be used by all family child care programs licensed in Wisconsin. Child care licensing specialists check regularly to be sure each form is current, complete, and signed. If forms are missing, not current, not complete, or not signed a Statement of Non-Compliance will be issued. Please make sure your child's forms are complete, current, signed and submitted on time!

It is your responsibility inform me of any significant changes in the information provided at the time of enrollment, such as phone numbers, work locations, emergency contacts, family physician, etc.

When licensing regulations mandate an update to forms I will inform you of the requirements and give you at least a week to submit the updated form/s. Because the center will receive a Non-Compliance Statement if forms are not kept updated and current, child care will be suspended until the forms are submitted. Regular tuition payments will be due during this time, to reserve the child's spot.

Privacy of Family Child Care Form Information

Family Child Care Forms - Baby SmilingI value your privacy and am committed to keeping information about your child and your family confidential. You can submit your family child care forms with confidence that I will do my best to safeguard your privacy!

I will not release any information unless I am required to do so under state law or if you give me permission to do so. I will never share contact information, use last names in public, or sell photographs or information about children and their families.

According to Wisconsin licensing forms, personal information submitted on some of state mandated forms "may be used for secondary purposes [Privacy Law, s.15.04(1)(m), Wisconsin Statutes]" by Wisconsin's Department of Children and Families.

Looking for Sample Family Child Care Forms?

If you're a family child care provider looking for sample family child care forms, I'm happy to help! Feel free to browse my family child care forms for ideas as you create forms for your program. However, please do not take my family child care forms word-for-word to use in your own program! Not only is doing so unethical and against copyright laws, it doesn't make sense; your child care program is different from mine and will have different needs. The best family child care forms are ones you created to fit your own program's individual needs! If you have question about any of my family child care forms or about developing your own forms, just drop me a line - I'm happy to help. Disclaimer: These forms have not been reviewed by an attorney; use them as examples at your own risk.

Family Child Care Forms - Three Children

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