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Child Care Policies

My goal is to provide the highest quality of care and education for your child in a home-style learning environment. These child care polices describe some of the ways I provide such care.

Child Care Policies - Caring

Caring for children is my chosen profession. Children are very special to my and their well-being is my main concern. I truly enjoy talking and playing with each child, and meeting his or her physical and emotional needs. Your child will be loved and treated as a uniquely special person while in my care.

Child Care Policies - Communication

Child Care PoliciesBecause regular communication is one of the most important components of quality care and education, a variety of ways to communicate with you have been established. Feel free to contact me at any time to see what kind of day your child is having, to share good news, or for any other reason. Please also share your thoughts with me, both positive and negative, as each are important to me and help me to provide quality care for your child.

Child Care Policies - Conferences

Because we have a chance to communicate with each other daily at drop-off and pick-up, I generally do not hold formal parent-teacher conferences. However, I am happy to meet privately with you if you have a concern or feel that we need time to talk without interruptions. Please understand that evenings will usually be the best time for us to have the uninterrupted time that your concern deserves.

Child Care Policies - Confidentiality

The privacy of all the families enrolled in my program is important to me. I keep all information about children and their families strictly confidential; please do not ask me any questions that could be a breach of confidentiality. If you need information about another family, please speak directly with that family. The Privacy and Confidentiality policy is listed on the Family Child Care Forms page.

Child Care Policies - Entrance Area

The entrance area is an important source of information including the program's licensing certificate, the most recent results of the licensing specialist's visit, my Registry certificate, disease/illness notices and other important information. Please take a moment to look around the entrance area for new information when you drop off or pick up your child.

Child Care Policies - Experience

Child Care Policies -GirlStudies have shown that high quality early childhood teachers accumulate significant amounts of both education and experience. I have provided quality child care and education in a home learning environment since 1994 and have cared for more than 60 children in that time.

In addition, I have earned a Bachelor degree in Music Education from Valparaiso University, an Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education from Fox Valley Technical College, have taught children in grades K–12 and adult learners at Fox Valley Technical College, and have been a parent since 1988 and a grandparent since 2008.

Child Care Policies - Hours of Operation

Regular business hours for Amy & Kids Co. are 7:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Over the summer months, (beginning the Friday before Memorial Day and ending the Friday before Labor Day, the program will close at 4:30 p.m. every Friday.

The center is closed for the following paid holidays:

  • Good Friday and “Easter Monday”
  • Memorial Day
  • July 4th
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day and “Black Friday”
  • Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
  • New Year's Eve and New Year's Day

When a holiday falls on a Saturday Amy & Kids Co. will close the previous Friday; when a holiday falls on a Sunday Amy & Kids Co. will close the following Monday. If a holiday falls within a Winter Break or vacation week, an additional day off will be added as a “comp” day.

Amy & Kids Co will also be closed for pre-paid “Winter Break” from Christmas to New Year (specific dates TBA) each year, two weeks of pre-paid vacation, and up to nine paid “Provider Day Off” days. Some of this time “off” will be used for professional development and continuing education. An additional Provider Day Off may be added each fall. Parents are responsible for alternate care on days the program is closed.

Child Care Policies - Insurance

As with all professional businesses, Amy & Kids Co. carries general liability insurance on the premises, the cats, and center-owned vehicles used for child care. Professional liability insurance is also carried for substitute and additional caregivers as well as for the business itself.

Child Care Policies - Open Door

ChildParents of enrolled children are always welcome at Amy & Kids Co. to visit, observe, or to stay and play, unless restricted by a court order. If there is a court order restriction a copy of the order needs to be submitted to the center. While your child is enrolled in the center please feel free to stop by any time, but be aware that afternoon nap time is generally not a good time to visit. Parents who wish to spend extended time with their child during the day should plan to do so at home rather than at the center. For safety's sake, parents of previously enrolled children, grandparents of enrolled children, and all other visitors should call ahead of time to make an appointment to visit.

Child Care Policies - Orientation

Starting in a new setting can be an exciting, yet scary, experience for a young child. Even children who are looking forward to child care may become apprehensive when they realize that you are not going to be there all day. This feeling is a normal reaction. Since children often sense parents’ apprehension it is important for both parents and children to be comfortable with the new routine. I will be happy to help you and your child through the orientation period as necessary. Although I do not have a formal trial period, please recognize that it may take several weeks for a child to fully adjust to his/her new routine.

Child Care Policies - Professionalism

Child Care Policies - Circle Time Although Amy & Kids Co. is a home-based child learning center, I pride myself on being professional in all areas. I am licensed in the state of Wisconsin to care for up to eight children at one time and am visited regularly by a state Licensing Specialist to ensure that I continue to meet licensing standards. My licensing certificate and the results of the latest monitoring visit are posted near the child care entrance.

I am an active member, and have served on the Board, of various professional organizations. I earn at least 15 hours of continuing education each year, have attended conferences at the local, state and national level, have presented numerous workshops at the local and state level, and have been teaching Family Child Care courses as an adjunct instructor at FVTC and WCTC since 2013 and 2020, respectively.

Child Care Policies - Provider Illness/Emergency/Bereavement

Although I am rarely sick, in the event that I am too ill to provide quality care for your child I will contact you via text or phone call as soon as possible. Please respond promptly so I know you received the message.

In the case of a personal or family emergency that requires the center to close I will let you know the closing time and/or date as soon as possible. Credit will be given for any full days the center is closed due to provider illness or emergency.

If a death occurs in my immediate family, the center may be close up to three paid days off to attend the funeral or make funeral arrangements. These days will be in addition to regular “Provider Time Off” days.

Child Care Policies - Provider Vacation

Studies have shown that lack of benefits contributes to provider burn-out and a high rate of turnover in the early childhood education field. In order to ensure that child care will remain available to you and your children, Amy & Kids Co. will be closed periodically for vacation. Weekly tuition rates include paid provider vacation, so a tuition payment will not be due during provider vacation. Parents will be given at least two weeks’ notice before provider vacation is taken.

Child Care Policies - Special Requests

As teacher and caregiver to a group of children, it is my responsibility to balance individual needs with the needs of the group as a whole. While I am open to discussions with parents on how to best care for their child, ultimately the decision on how to provide care will depend on the needs of the group as a whole. Any request for care that violates licensing regulations, disregards program policies, or lowers the quality of care for the other children cannot be approved. If faced with such a request I will share the licensing rule or policy that applies to the request, and will work with the parents to find an appropriate alternative that will benefit all of the children.

Child Care Policies - Substitute Caregivers

Occasionally there will be a need for a substitute caregiver; at these times Amy & Kids Co. will arrange for a substitute. This person will be experienced in caring for children, familiar with the policies at Amy & Kids Co., and will have fulfilled the minimum licensing requirements for substitutes. Each substitute provider will receive an orientation following the state required orientation form. Every item on the form will be covered.

Child Care Policies - Volunteers

Parent, grandparent, adult family member and family friend volunteers are welcome at Amy & Kids Co. Each volunteer will receive an orientation following the state required orientation form; every item on the form will be covered. No volunteer will be left alone with children unless he/she has fulfilled the licensing requirements for a substitute caregiver.

Child Care Policies - Waiting List

Child Care Policies - Wait ListA waiting list is maintained and used to fill vacancies. While on the waiting list parents will receive periodic updates on the status of any current and anticipated openings.

When an opening becomes available all families on the waiting list will be notified. Priority will be given to siblings of children already enrolled and families whose child care schedule most closely fits the available opening. More information about wait list procedures can be found on the waiting list page.

Child Care Policies - Weekend & Evening Babysitting

I feel that it is a parent's responsibility to hire weekend and evening babysitters for their children, therefore I will not facilitate babysitting arrangements between my children and families that are enrolled in my program. If a family wishes to hire one of my children to babysit outside of child care hours the family must make separate arrangements with the child. A Consent to Hold Harmless agreement will be provided by my child and must be signed before babysitting services can be provided.

Child Care Policies - YoungStar

YoungStar is the Department of Children and Families' optional quality rating system for child care in Wisconsin. Only programs that participate in YoungStar can receive Wisconsin Shares payments. In order to provide that benefit for eligible families, Amy & Kids Co. has opted to participate in YoungStar.

Child Care Policies Forge Partnerships

Children thrive when parents and teachers form a partnership for the child's well-being.Visit the Parent Partnership page to see how we can work together to meet your family's needs and form a strong partnership that will help your child succeed!

Child Care Policies - Children Playing

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