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Child Care Waiting List

I've experienced the disappointment of discovering that a preferred child care program is full; that's why I maintain a Child Care Waiting List for my program.

Child Care Waiting List

Child Care Waiting List - OutsideTo add your family's name to the waiting list simply complete the Waiting List Form below. There is no fee to add your child to the waiting list and you can leave at any time.

After submitting your information for the child care waiting list you will receive periodic updates about your status on the waiting list. When an appropriate child care opening becomes available I will contact you via email.

Be sure to read the Waiting List Process and Waiting List FAQs to find out how the waiting list works!

Child Care Waiting List Form

Complete the form below, then click the "Submit" button at the bottom. Required fields are in bold.

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Child Care Waiting List Process

When an opening becomes available all families on the waiting list will be notified according to date of application, with priority given to siblings of children already enrolled and families whose requested schedule most closely fits the available opening. Please respond as soon as possible. Although notification is sent according to position on the waiting list, interviews and tours will be scheduled in the order that responses are received. Families who do not reply within a week will be removed from the waiting list.

Generally all interested families are interviewed before any decision is made, however in certain circumstances the opening may be filled before all of the scheduled interviews are completed. Parents who are offered the opening have 24 hours to submit an Enrollment Application, the enrollment fee, and the first week's tuition. After this 24 hour window has passed other prospective families may be offered the opening. At this point the opening will be filled on a “first come, first served” basis, depending on which family submits the enrollment items first.

See the Child Care Fees page for more information about the Enrollment Fee and other fees that may apply.

Child Care Waiting List FAQs

Child Care Waiting List - FlowersI know that being on a long waiting list can be frustrating, so I've put together these frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers with the hope that this information will be helpful to you while you wait for a child care opening.

Over the many years I've been in family child care I've learned that family situations can change overnight, and a child care opening can become available sooner than originally anticipated. Feel free to contact me at any time for a waiting list update, or if you have any questions not answered here. Thank you for your patience!

1. How long is the waiting list?

The length of the waiting list varies, but is generally longer for children under two years than for children over two years old. Amy & Kids Co. has a licensed capacity of up to eight if all children are two years old or older, however the number of children I can care for is reduced depending on how many children are under the age of two.

2. Will a part time opening be available sooner than full time?

Unfortunately most of the time part time openings are rare because most children are enrolled on a full time basis. Often a part time work schedule requires a full time child care schedule because of the days and hours care is needed. See our Child Care Schedules page for complete information about part time vs full time schedules.

3. Can I stop in anytime and have a look around?

I'm happy to have you visit and take a tour of our facilities! However, in order to provide a safe and secure environment for the children in my care, as well as to avoid upsetting their daily routine I prefer that you make an appointment instead of just dropping in. Parents of enrolled children are welcome to drop in at any time, however grandparents and other family members should also make an appointment beforehand.

4. If my child turns two will he/she go to the bottom of the list?

Child Care Waiting List - BabyI maintain one central waiting list for the program. Your family's name is added to the list in the order of original date of application. It will remain higher on the list than families who applied after you and lower on the list than families who applied before you, regardless of your child's age.

5. Why was another family offered the space first?

Openings are offered to families and children who seem to be the best fit for the program, and whose requested schedule most closely matches the available opening. For instance, a full time opening will be offered to a family requesting a full time schedule before being offered to a family looking for part time care. In addition, priority is given to siblings of currently enrolled children.

6. Will we be told where we are on the list?

As much as I'd love to keep families updated on their specific position on the waiting list, I really prefer to spend time with the children instead. The waiting list is always evolving as families' job situations, requested schedules, preferred start dates, etc change. You are more than welcome to contact me at any time to see where you are on the waiting list.

7. What if Grandma decides to watch our child instead?

If your child care needs change in any way I'd appreciate a quick email or phone call so I can keep the waiting list current. Feel free to send updates to your information at any time.

8. What can we do to help get a spot sooner?

Child Care Waiting List - Potato HeadOne of the most important things you can is to start looking for care as soon as possible! Due to licensing ratios infant openings are especially hard to find, so you should get on a waiting list right away. Don't wait for your baby to be born before you start looking for care.

Requesting a full time opening may also help you obtain a spot sooner than requesting a part time position. If I know you would prefer a part time schedule I can look for another family to fill in the open spots in your schedule, but enrolling full time would guarantee your position.

9. Do you know any other center or child care provider with openings?

As a rule I don't recommend any other center or child care provider, however our area Child Care Resource and Referral can help you find regulated child care.

10. What happens next?

Unfortunately there's nothing else to do except wait. In the meantime, pop into the Parent Corner to see what's happening in the program right now!

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