"...most importantly a childcare provider with a strong history of raising her own amazing 6 children and partnering with parents to raise years of daycare kids." ~Kristi

Child Care Parent Corner

Welcome to the Child Care Parent Corner! My goal for the Parent Corner is to provide parents with current news from Amy & Kids Co. as well as helpful resources and other information.

Parent Corner Information

Parent Corner Pair I'd rather spend my time playing with the children instead of staring at a computer screen, but I'll do my best to keep the Parent Corner updated - feel free to remind me if I forget!

For the most up-to-date news, check out our Facebook feed at the bottom of this page.

Please also take a moment to look over the wish list to see if any of your unwanted "trash" could be our "treasure!"

Upcoming Events

  • October 11: Scholastic orders due. Online code GLT99.
  • October 15: HM's 2nd Birthday. Happy Birthday H!
  • October 22: DK's 4th Birthday. Happy Birthday D!
  • October 25: Closed for personal day.
  • October 26: Katie's Wedding!
  • November 1: Closed to prepare for local conference.
  • November 15: Closed to attend statewide conference.
  • December 23 - January 1: Closed for Winter Break
  • January 2: Open after Winter Break

Learning Activities

Click on the thumbnail below to see this month's learning activities.

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Facebook Feed

Check out what's happening at Amy & Kids Co. right now!

Parent Corner - Social Media

Social media is an important part of everyday life for many parents. You can connect with Amy & Kids Co on your favorite social networking sites:

Parent Corner - Wish List

Parents of enrolled children can simply drop donated items off when they bring their child for care. If you do not have children enrolled, please contact me to arrange for a time to stop by.

Donations of items not on the list are also happily accepted, however we do not use "commercialized" items, like those based on TV shows or movies. Items don't have to be new; we like gently used items too, as long as they're clean and safe for the children. Thank you for your support!

Amazon Wish List

For your convience I've created an Amazon Wish List. It contains a wide variety of items, like naptime CDs, children's books and toys, professional development books, and other materials to enhance the program.

Other Child Care Items

  • Kleenex brand tissues.
  • Disinfecting wipes.
  • Outdoor pillows or cushions.
  • Child-size coat tree for outdoors.
  • Sturdy shovels and buckets for the sand box.
  • Books for outside - cheap, in case they get rained on

Parent Corner - Our Partnership

Studies have shown that children do better when parents and teachers work together for the child's well-being. Discover how our partnership will result in mutual benefits, and will also benefit your child!

Parent Corner Children

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