"Amy is conscious to provide open and constant communication with parents... developmental milestones, behavioral concerns, funny stories..." ~ Sam & Sara

Parent Communication

Positive communication between parents and teacher benefits parents, teacher, and children, and is one of the most important components of quality care and education.

Communication Preferences

Parent Communication - Boy on PhoneBecause my first priority is attending to the children’s needs, it is more convenient for me to communicate through email or text than by talking on the phone. Email and texting allow me to interrupt a message if I need to attend to a child, whereas phone conversations are often difficult to carry on through interruptions. Feel free to email or text me anytime with any concerns, questions, or comments.


I respect the privacy of all the families enrolled in my program and keep all information about children and their families strictly confidential. This means I will not release any information unless I am required to do so under state law or if you give me permission to do so. Please do not ask me any questions that could be a breach of confidentiality; if you need information about another family, please speak directly with that family. The complete Privacy and Confidentiality Policy can be found on the Family Child Care Forms page.

Daily Sheets

Information about your child's experiences at Amy & Kids Co. will be shared with you on a daily basis via Daily Connect. Daily Connect is an interactive digital daily record that replaces old-fashioned paper daily sheets. You can sign up for a free online account, or buy the smartphone app for a small one-time fee.

I believe Daily Connect is a better tool for parent-teacher communication because you can:

  • Login to see what your child is doing throughout the day instead of having to wait until pick-up time.
  • Customize updates you receive to include the information most important to you.
  • Enter information at home to help me better care for your child by ensuring that I have access to important information on hectic drop-off days. Some of the information you may want to enter includes medication given before drop-off, wake-up time, most recent meal and diaper change, mood, etc.

In addition, previously recorded information is easily accessible so we can identify new patterns quickly and easily. And Daily Connect provides a long-term record of your child's time in my program.

Developmental Assessment

Parent Communication - AssessmentThe first 5 years of life are critical times in a child's development, and the sooner a delay or disability is identified, the sooner children can receive the services and supports they need to succeed.

I use the Ages & Stages Questionnaires (ASQ): Third Edition and Social-Emotional screening tools to determine each child's strengths and identify possible areas of concern. A trusted source for over 15 years, the ASQ-3 and ASQ-SE can help us make sure we're doing our best to support your child’s learning and development.

Entrance Area

The entrance area is an important source of information including the program's licensing certificate, the most recent results of the licensing specialist's visit, my Registry certificate, disease/illness notices and other information.

Near the cubbies is a clipboard containing the Attendance Sheet, Weekly Menu, and Medication Authorization Forms. Please take a moment to look around the entrance area and browse through the information on the clipboard when you drop off or pick up your child.

Monthly Learning Plan

Our Learning Plan, which specifies the learning experiences planned throughout the month, is posted in the Parent Corner on our website. At the bottom of the calendar is a Family Involvement area which suggests ways you can become involved in the program. Please let me know if you'd like a copy of the Learning Plan emailed to you each month.

Monthly Newsletter

Parent Communication - Girl with Mud PieA newsletter is emailed to parents on a monthly basis, and a print copy can be found under the “News” tab on the clipboard. This newsletter generally contains information about our current Learning Plan, important dates you should take note of, ways you can become involved, and other important news.

Please make sure your email address is kept current so you receive the newsletter. Grandparents, family friends, and anyone else who is interested in Amy & Kids Co. are welcome to receive the newsletter; they may subscribe directly or send their email address to me and I will add them to the email list. Some email programs flag MailChimp as "spam," so if you are not receiving the newsletter please let me know.

Parent Handbook

The Parent Handbook has been designed to provide an overview of my program, to help you understand the policies at Amy & Kids Co., and to give you an insight into your child’s day. You will receive a copy upon enrollment; please read it carefully and keep it handy for future reference. In case of a discrepancy between information found on this website and in the Handbook, the information in the Parent Handbook takes precedence.

Parent Handouts

Being a parent is an important job, but it isn't always easy! Children don't come with a manual to teach us how to support their development. To help you with your important job of parenting I periodically send home articles and other materials to assist, inform, affirm, and uplift you. These handouts will include information on child development, health and safety, nutrition and physical activity, etc.

Parent Partnership

Parent Communication - Girl with BowStudies have shown that children do better when parents and teachers work together for the child's well-being. Children thrive when they see their parents and teacher working with and learning from each other, and they feel more secure when the important people in their lives show respect and support for each other.

Parents are encouraged to share as much information about their child and family as they are comfortable sharing. Knowing a child's social, racial, religious and cultural background helps me and provide the best care possible. Open communication, mutual respect, parental involvement, and program support all work together to form a strong partnership that will help your child succeed!

Parent Survey

Parents are always welcome to share their comment, thoughts, and suggestions about positive behavior management techniques, favorite child-rearing practices, program policies, etc. In addition, parents will periodically be asked to formally evaluate Amy & Kids Co. through a short online survey. I welcome your thoughts about the program's strengths and weaknesses, as well as your suggestions for improvement. All suggestions and comments are important in helping me meet your family’s needs and continuing to provide a high level of quality care.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

I am always eager to speak with families about their child's daily experiences, growth, and development, or any other topic you may wish to discuss. Although I do not hold formal parent-teacher conferences, information about your child’s learning and development will be shared on an on-going basis through a wide variety of formal and informal strategies. Feel free to request a private conference at any time if you have a concern or feel that we need time to talk without interruptions. Please understand that evenings will usually be the best time for us to have the uninterrupted time that your concern deserves.

Required Forms

Parent Communication - FormsLicensing and other forms record vital information to help keep your child safe and healthy, and share information that helps me provide individualized care to your child. Completing, updating, and submitting forms on time helps me stay compliant with licensing rules. Most of the forms can be downloaded from the Family Child Care Forms page.

Document Translation

To facilitate communication, parents whose primary language is not English may request to have forms and other essential materials translated to their native language. When human translators are not available, online translation programs will be used to create these translations. While I believe these programs will provide an adequate translation, I cannot guarantee complete accuracy.

Social Media

Social media has become an integral part of everyday lives and a major means of communication for many people, myself included. Amy & Kids Co. uses many of the most common social media platforms so you can connect with us on your favorite social networking sites.

Parent Communication - Kids Singing

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