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Child Care Safety

Because the safety and well-being of everyone at Amy & Kids Co. is of primary importance to me, I make every effort to maintain a learning environment that is safe for children. The following child care safety policies have been developed to provide the safest environment possible.

Child Care Safety - Alcohol and Illegal Substances

Child Care Safety To promote a safe environment and quality care, the use of alcohol is not allowed anywhere on the premises of Amy & Kids Co. while children are present. The presence and/or use of illegal substances will never be permitted; the authorities will be called if the presence and/or use of illegal substances is suspected.

Background/Fingerprint checks

As mandated by licensing rules, criminal background and fingerprint checks are run on myself, my family members 12 years old and older, and substitutes according to the currently mandated schedule.

Child Care Safety - Child Abuse

My love of children prompts me to help provide the best possible life experiences for them. I have been trained to recognize the signs of abuse and neglect, and under Wisconsin law I have the right and responsibility to privately interview children at any time, without notice or prior consent, and to observe the physical condition of the children in my care without notice or prior consent. Furthermore, as a mandated reporter, I am required by Wisconsin law to report any known or reasonably suspected instances of child abuse or neglect to Social Services. Substitute and/or additional caregivers have also been trained to recognize signs of abuse and neglect, are mandated reporters, and are required to report suspected abuse or neglect to Social Services. Training in child abuse and neglect is renewed at least every two years.

Child Care Safety - CPR/AED

I have been certified in infant, child and adult CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and AED (Automated External Defibrillator), and keep my certification current. Substitutes and additional caregivers have received CPR training.

Child Care Safety Drills

Child Care Safety - Fire TruckBeing prepared for emergencies helps the children to feel less frightened if one were to occur. Amy & Kids Co. conducts fire drills monthly and tornado drills routinely during tornado season. Each drill is recorded in a safety log. In case of an actual fire we will follow the Evacuation/Relocation Policy.

In the event of a tornado, severe thunderstorm, or if the tornado siren sounds, I will assist the children to the basement where we will listen for the “all clear” signal. Children who cannot walk on their own will be carried. The emergency bag and my cell phone, which contains parent phone numbers, will be taken with us. Blankets, and first aid supplies are kept in the basement at all times. To ensure that all children are accounted for, attendance will be taken using Daily Connect.

Child Care Safety - Emergency Care

In the event that an emergency requires me to leave Amy & Kids Co., I will arrange for emergency supervision. This emergency person will be experienced in caring for children, familiar with the policies at Amy & Kids Co., and able to arrive within 5 minutes of notification. Before being left alone with the children, any emergency caregiver will receive an orientation following the state required orientation form. Every item on the form will be covered.

Child Care Safety - Environment

I make every effort to maintain an environment that is childproofed and safe for your child according to Wisconsin licensing regulations. This may include the use of outlet covers, cupboard latches, doorknob covers, baby gates, safe storage of hazardous materials, and the like. In addition, no person whose behavior gives reasonable concern for the safety of the children will be allowed on the premises.

Child Care Safety - Evacuation/Relocation

Evacuation/Relocation In case of an emergency that requires evacuation and/or relocation, I will assist the children to exit through the child care entrance/exit. If that door is blocked we will exit through the front door, and failing that, through the side door. In any case we will gather on the sidewalk near the tree in the front yard. Children who cannot walk on their own will be carried.

Attendance will be taken using Daily Connect, then the children will be relocated to a safe location as necessary. The emergency bag and my cell phone, which contains parent phone numbers, will be taken with us. All families will be notified to pick up their children if we are unable to safely return to the center.

Child Care Safety - First Aid

I have been certified in First Aid and renew my certification regularly. Substitutes and additional caregivers have also received First Aid training.

Child Care Safety - Flood

According to the FEMA Flood Plain Map, Amy & Kids Co. is located in an area of minimal flood hazard. In the unlikely event of a flood, I will follow the instructions of public safety officials. If evacuation is required we will follow the Evacuation/Relocation Plan.

Child Care Safety - Injury

Child Care Safety - Doctor Active children accumulate bumps, bruises, scratches and scrapes often through active play. Licensing rules require that each child be observed for signs of injury upon arrival, and unusual injuries be recorded in the medical log. Superficial injuries, including biting, will be treated with soap and water, a Band-Aid and/or ice as needed, and lots of TLC. All injuries requiring treatment are logged in a medical journal; parents have access to medical log entries concerning their child.

If a serious injury, including a serious head injury, occurs I will call 911 and the child requiring emergency care will be transported by ambulance to Appleton Medical Center. Parents will be contacted as soon as possible after calling 911. If a parent cannot be reached immediately the emergency contact person on the enrollment form will be notified. Payment of any bills or charges incurred from the ambulance and/or other medical care is the responsibility of the parent. Licensing rules require that any injuries requiring professional medical attention be recorded on a DCF Incident Report form, with one copy sent to my licensing specialist and the other copy placed in the child's file.

Child Care Safety - Injury Report

An Injury Report will be filled out for any injuries requiring treatment. After both parent and teacher sign the report, one copy will be given to the parent to take home and the other copy will be placed in the child’s file. Injuries requiring treatment will also be recorded in the medical log. Parents have access to medical log entries involving their child.

Child Care Safety - Lock Down/Shelter in Place

In the event that we are told to lock down or shelter in place, the children will be taken to a safe spot and we will stay there until it is safe to leave. Children who cannot walk on their own will be carried. Parents will be contacted to pick up their children when it is safe to do so.

Child Care Safety - Loss of Services

If the center loses the use of heat, water, electricity, or telephone service at any time during the day I will evaluate the situation to see whether care can be provided without undue loss of quality. If safe, quality care cannot be provided under the circumstances, I will notify each family to pick up their child/ren as soon as possible, and the center will remain closed until safe, quality care can be provided. Because I am not in control of such situations payment in full is due for days that the center is closed due to loss of services.

Child Care Safety - Missing Child

In order to keep each of the children safe, no child is ever left alone and children are accounted for at all times. If a child would become lost, I will quickly check all areas of the center and property. If the child cannot be found, the police will be called immediately, and then the child's parents or emergency contact person will be notified.

Child Care Safety - Other Emergencies

In the event of a threat to the building or its occupants or any other circumstance that requires immediate attention, we will follow the Evacuation/Relocation policy, Lock Down/Shelter in Place policy, or another Emergency policy - depending on which is most appropriate for the situation.

Child Care Safety - Safe Release

Child Care Safety - Security In order to keep your child safe, I will only release a child to his/her parents and to persons listed on the enrollment form. If anyone other than the child's parent or a person listed on the enrollment form is to pick up a child, I need to be notified in advance in writing, email or phone call. The person must be at least 18 years old and will be required to show a picture ID before he/she is allowed to pick up the child. If a person picking up a child is under 18 years old a Consent to Hold Harmless agreement must be signed and on file before I will release the child.

Child Care Safety - Safe Transport

My first responsibility is to protect the health and safety of the children in my care. When children are dropped off and picked up they need to be transported safely. Use of drugs or alcohol or the lack of use of an appropriate car seat can create an unsafe transportation situation for children. If I am concerned that the child cannot be safely transported I will ask that the child not be transported and will propose the alternatives listed below.

  • I will call someone to pick up the child from the list of people who are authorized to do so on the child's Enrollment Form.
  • I will call a cab to pick up the child and the parent, or the person who is picking up the child. The parent or person who is picking up the child will pay the cab fare.
  • If a parent or person picking up the child has failed to bring an appropriate car seat for the child, I will ask them to go home without the child and return with an appropriate car seat installed in the car.
    • I do not have car seats to lend, nor am I able to install a car seat into a car.
    • The regular late pick-up fee will be charged under these circumstances.

While I cannot keep a child from a parent or legal guardian, I will not hesitate to call the local authorities if I feel the child is in danger. Substitute and/or additional caregivers are also required to follow these guidelines.

Child Care Safety - Security

To ensure children's safety, precautionary measures against unwanted intruders entering or children leaving the center unescorted have been put into place. The most important step to avoid unwanted intruders is to have only one access to the center, therefore all of the exterior doors utilize a keyless entry knob that locks automatically after each use. Each family will be given a unique code, which is deleted when the family leaves care. When an exterior door is open during mild weather the screen door will be locked. If the child care screen door is locked when you arrive, please text or knock instead of ringing the doorbell to avoid awakening sleeping children and scaring the cats.

For the children's protection, access to the center may be denied to persons whose behavior presents a possible risk to persons in the center or center-owned property. These behaviors may include but are not limited to: aggressiveness, intoxication, suspected drug use, suspected presence of a weapon, and the like. If there is a sense of imminent danger 911 will be called immediately.

Child Care Safety - Severe Weather

Child Care Safety - ShovelingWisconsin is no stranger to severe weather such as heavy snowfall, ice, freezing rain, sleet, mixed precipitation, etc. I realize that many parents must report to work no matter what the weather is, so the center will remain open during severe weather whenever possible. However, my primary consideration is for the safety of everyone, so certain weather-related situations may result in the center opening late, closing early , or needing to close all day.

  • In the event of extreme heat or cold, the center will remain open as usual, unless we lose power. If the center loses power I will contact parents to pick up their children. The center will remain closed until power is restored.
  • If snow, ice, or other severe weather begins, worsens, or is expected to worsen during the day, the center may close early and parents will be contacted to pick up their children.
  • If Appleton Area School District schools are delayed or closed due to snow, ice, or other severe weather, Amy & Kids Co. may delay opening until 9:00 a.m. This provides time to clear and treat the driveway and steps, assess anticipated conditions, and communicate any further delay or center closing. Children cannot be accepted for care before the designated time on a delayed opening day, so is the weather is questionable please be sure to check the status of Appleton Area School District before leaving home. I will notify you of a delayed opening via text, email, or phone call.
  • If Valley Transit bus services are closed due to severe weather, Amy & Kids Co. will be closed, as this is an indication that roads are not safe for travel. If the center is open when the Valley Transit system closes, the center will close early and parents will be contacted to pick up their children.
  • If your place of employment is closed or you are unable to report to work due to hazardous travel conditions caused by cold, snow, or other severe weather, it is assumed that you will not need child care services and your child will be absent. Please notify me by 7:00 a.m. or as soon as possible thereafter so I know that you and your child are safe.
  • Parents are expected to pick up their children immediately if the center needs to close early due to severe weather, or any other reason. If parents cannot be reached, emergency contacts will be called for pick-up. Parents are welcome to pick their children up early at any time if they feel the roads are, or will become, too dangerous to navigate safely.
  • Tuition credit is not given for severe weather and power outage closures and/or delays.

The safety of you and your child is very important to me, so throughout the winter please use extra caution on the driveway, steps and near the corner of the house, where ice often collects despite our best efforts to prevent it. Since I'm busy with the children and unable to continuously monitor the area, feel free to use the ice melt on the porch if the area seems slippery. Be sure to hold your child’s hand and use the guard rail on the steps when approaching and leaving the center. Please do not carry children who are able to walk up and down the steps as it may cause a fall and injure both of you.

Child Care Safety - Sun Safety

Because excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation (UVR) from the sun causes sunburn, skin damage and increases the risk of skin cancer.To promote good health, safety and protection from harmful ultraviolet rays, sunscreen will be used regularly during all outside activities.

Based on recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Cancer Society:

  • Sun exposure will be limited between 11:30 am – 2:00 pm.
  • Areas of shade will be available and children will be encouraged to play in them on very sunny days.
  • Please apply a base coat of sunscreen to your child/ren before bringing him/her to care.
  • Amy & Kids Co. will provide sunscreen with at least an SPF of 30 and wide-brimmed sun hats. You may provide sunscreen for your child if you prefer a different brand. Be sure to try it on your child at home to test for allergic reactions before sending it to child care.
  • Sunscreen will be applied before going outside and re-applied if we go outside more than 4 hours after the first application.
  • You are welcome to provide unbreakable sunglasses that offer UVA & UVB protection for your child/ren to wear outside.
  • A Sunscreen/Insect Repellent Authorization Form must be completed and on file before I'm allowed to apply sunscreen to your child. This form will be valid for as long as your child is enrolled at Amy & Kids Co. unless you submit a written update to the form.

Child Care Safety - Swimming Pool

Amy & Kids Co. does not have a swimming pool on the premises nor will we be making use of an off-premises pool, beach or other water attraction. In the summer our water play will consist of playing in the sprinkler, water in buckets, a water table, and other containers too small to be a drowning hazard.

Child Care Safety - Weapons

In order to keep our children safe, no one may bring or use weapons of any kind on the premises for any reason. This includes firearms, ammunition, and any other object that could reasonably be perceived as a weapon. Persons attempting to bring a weapon on the premises will be asked to leave. Failure to comply will result in a 911 call to the police. Possession of weapons of any kind by parents or children may be cause for immediate termination of child care services. Amy & Kids Co. does not own or store any firearms, or ammunition on the property.

Child Care Health Policies

In addition to keeping your child safe, my goal is also to help keep your child as healthy as possible. Visit the child care health policies to discover how this is accomplished, and what you can do to help keep everyone healthy.

Child Care Safety - Rolling a Ball

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