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Child Care Menus

Child Care Menus Good nutrition is vital to children's physical and mental development. Our child care menus have been carefully designed to fulfill child care food program requirements, and to promote good nutrition and encourage the development of good eating habits that will last a lifetime. For more information please see our nutrition policies.

I serve fresh, in-season produce when available. Canned fruits are served when fresh fruit is scarce; canned vegetables are never served. Bread products are 100% whole wheat or multi-grain; white breads are rarely served. I avoid products containing hydrogenated fats and high fructose corn syrup, and choose organic products whenever possible.

HM = Home Made, WG = Whole Grain, WW = Whole Wheat

Winter - Week One Child Care Menu

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Breakfast WG Cereal, Tangerines, 1% Milk WG Bagel, Potatoes 1% Milk WG Cereal, Oranges, 1% Milk Oatmeal, Peaches, 1% Milk WG Cereal, Apples, 1% Milk
Lunch Snowy Turkey in WW Pitas, Mixed Veggies, Banana, 1% Milk Veggie Tuna Melt on WG Bread, Mixed Fruit, 1% Milk HM Chicken Tenders, Brown Rice, Potato, Apples, 1% Milk Veggie Soup, WG Roll, Pineapple, 1% Milk Chicken Quesadilla on WW Tortilla, Broccoli, Oranges 1% Milk
Snack Winter Mix, Cottage Cheese, Water WW Tortilla, Banana, Water WG Bagel, Fresh Veggies, Water Winter Cereal Mix Org Yogurt, Water Carrots, WW Crackers, Water

Winter: Week Two Child Care Menu

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Breakfast WG Cereal, Aples, 1% Milk Cinnamon Toast, Banana, 1% Milk Broccoli Rice Casserole, 1% Milk Oatmeal, Merry Berries, 1% Milk WG Cereal, Grapes, 1% Milk
Lunch Chicken on WW Bread, Carrots, Grapes, 1% Milk Fishin' Poles, WG Pasta, Peas, Pears, 1%Milk Chicken, Brown Rice, Green Beans, Pineapple, 1% Milk Cowboy Bean Stew, WG Roll, Apples 1% Milk Eggs in WW Pita, Tomato & Spinach, Mixed Fruit, 1%Milk
Snack Broccoli, String Cheese, Water Hummus, Pita, Water Applesauce, English Muffin, Water Org Yogurt, Citrus Fruit, Water Peaches, Pretzels, Water

Winter - Week Three Child Care Menu

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Breakfast WG Cereal, Banana, 1% Milk English Muffin Veggie Pizza, 1% Milk WG Cereal, Pineapple, 1% Milk Strawberry French Toast, 1% Milk WG Cereal, Oranges, 1% Milk
Lunch Turkey Sub on WG Bun, Bell Peppers, Applesauce, 1% Milk Baked Fish, Winter Veggie Pasta Salad, Peaches, 1% Milk Org Mac n Cheese, Cheese Slices, Mixed Veg, Oranges, 1% Milk HM Chicken Soup with Carrots, WG Roll, Mixed Fruit 1% Milk Tuna in WW Tortilla, Peas, Pears, 1% Milk
Snack Pineapple, String Cheese, Water Banana, Org Rice Cakes, Water Tortilla Chips, Bean Dip, Water Muscle Mix Granola, Org Yogurt, Water Cherry Tomatoes, WW Crackers, Water

Winter - Week Four Child Care Menu

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Breakfast WG Cereal, Banana, 1% Milk WG Roll, Root Veggies, 1% Milk WG Cereal, Baked Apple, 1% Milk Oatmeal with Peaches, 1% Milk WG Toast, Oranges, 1% Milk
Lunch Grilled Cheese on WW, Org Tomato Soup, Pears, 1% Milk Sammy Salmon, Brown Rice, Green Beans, Mixed Fruit, 1% Milk Poppin' Pasta with Chicken & Broccoli, Oranges, 1% Milk Sunshine Soup, Chicken, WW Roll, Apples, 1% Milk Eggs in a WW Nest, Bell Peppers, Grapes, 1% Milk
Snack Baby Carrots, Cottage Cheese, Water WW Tortilla, Apples, Water WG Bagel, Citrus Fruit, Water Org Yogurt, Mixed Fruit, Water Pears, Pretzels, Water

Menu is subject to change, to include fresh in-season produce and special foods relating to our current learning plan. Visit the child care curriculum page and Parent Corner to learn more about our fun learning activities.

Child Care Menus - Girls Playing

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